How do I place an order?
If you’re looking to order cookies, bars, or treat boxes from our set menu, you can order online! If you’re looking to place a custom, corporate, or delivery order please contact us.

What flavors do you have?
Our “regulars” consist of 5 cookies and 5 bars. These products are available year round. Each month we have a seasonal Treat Box, and our Cookie of the Month subscription offers twelve unique cookie flavors each year!

How much do I need?
We recommend 3-4 cookies/person if our treats are the main event, 2-3 cupcakes/person if they’re sharing the spotlight with other sweet treats.

Freshness and storage - Can I freeze my sweets?
Our bite-size treats are heat-sealed in clear plastic bags to keep them fresh. For maximum deliciousness, we recommend consuming your sweets within 5-7 days of delivery as they keep for up to 1 week at room temperature. All of our bite-sized sweets can be frozen for up to one month as long as they are stored in their original, heat-sealed plastic packaging. If you have already removed your treats from their packaging, and want to freeze them for later, we recommend wrapping them up in air-tight, freezer safe storage. Take your treats out of the freezer for about 1 hour before serving in order to defrost.


How do I modify or cancel my order?
All orders are final, so please make sure everything looks correct at checkout and you’ll be good to go!


How big is 'bite-sized'?
Our cookies are portioned using 1/2 oz cookie scoop and most bake out to be approximately 2 inches in diameter.

Can I change the size of my cookies and bars?
Sure! If you’re interested in customizing anything about your order, including sizes, just contact us via our custom order form.


Can I place a custom order?
Absolutely! We love a chance to flex our creative muscles. We can create custom flavors for you, or just add customized colors, logos, or any other form of personalization to ANY sweet treat! If you’re interested in placing a custom order, please head over to our Custom/Corporate/Wholesale tab, or contact us directly at 914-222-0704.


Does Flour Power wholesale?
We would love too! Please send all inquiries to info@flourpowerny.com.


Do you bake gluten free, egg free, dairy free, sugar free or vegan products?
We have a gluten-free and vegan cookies on our menu year round! We are always willing and ready to explore new recipes and create something magical for you, so if you have any other dietary restrictions please contact us to place a custom order.


How are your gluten free products baked?
We do not currently have a dedicated gluten-free kitchen. Although we do our best to decrease the risk of cross-contamination during our baking process, there is always a possibility. All of the ingredients in our gluten-free products are certified gluten free or are manufactured in certified gluten free facilities. As always, if you have a serious allergy, we do not recommend consuming our products.


Do any of your baked goods contain nuts? 
Any of our sweets that contain nuts have an allergen warning at the bottom of the product listing. While nuts are not a part of every recipe, all of our products are created in a facility that processes peanuts, tree nuts, soy, wheat, dairy, and eggs. While we do clean and sanitize thoroughly, there is always a chance of cross contamination. We recommend those with severe allergies to any of these refrain from eating our products.


Can I apply for a job at Flour Power? 
We are currently looking for bakers, counter help, and baristas! Send your resume to info@flourpowerny.com.